Canyonlands Adventures

Spring Break, 2024

My husband and I have dreamed of this trip for many years. For a while, our kids were too little and we didn’t have the right vehicle. Then, we were too busy building our dream home and studio in Steamboat Springs. With those projects behind us, and the boys strapping and strong, we finally did it! A thousand thank-yous to Tom Davis, our fearless leader. Tom has done this trip more than 20 times and his expertise was invaluable.

With walkies-talkies, we created call-signs. Mine was “Mona Lisa,” Cactus’ was “Captain Crunch,” and Tom’s was “Papa White Rim.” The kids: “Awesomesauce,” “Hop-along,” “L’il Shredder,” and “Old Faithful.” You’ll have to guess who was who. It provided hours of entertainment.

The entire loop is 100 miles, with a car shuttle for 13 miles. So, the boys rode a total of 87 miles!! I probably road about 50, since I also drove the truck. Don’t get me wrong, that was no picnic, either. The 4×4 challenge was real and there was one hill I had to get out and let Cactus drive (I pushed his bike up the hill).

The food was delicious, the kids were amazing, and the weather was perfect. Cactus took over the meal prep often enough for me to get some painting in, and I was a happy camper!

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