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How to Experience a National Park from your Living Room

It has been proven over and over, and specifically by Cornell University psychologist, Dr. Thomas Gilovich, that money is best spent on experiences rather than things in the pursuit of happiness. That puts us crafts-people in a bind, since we are in the business of selling objects. However, I would … Read More

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Creative District in Steamboat Springs

The Arts Council in Steamboat Springs, CO is seeking designation as a Creative District, as recognized by the Colorado Creative Industries.  Letters of support are being garnered to reinforce this effort. Here is the letter I submitted to the Arts Council: April 15, 2016 Colorado Creative Industries Colorado Office of … Read More

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Should I Be an Art Major?

When I announced my college major to my mom, I got a very different answer than what I expected. “Oh,” she exclaimed, “that is GREAT!”  Whitman College, even with my merit scholarship and various grants and loans, was still pricey. Part of me wanted to cut and run. Sail around … Read More

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