Plein Air at the Broadmoor Hotel July 5-7, 2019

Donald J. Metzlers Orchestra

I am tickled pink to announce my participation in the Broadmoor Art Experience this summer. It feels like I’m coming home!

It is with such joy that I can return to the Broadmoor, with paints in hand, and bring our family’s legacy of art appreciation and participation back to these beautiful grounds. Pictured right is a photo of my grandfather, Donald Haney, playing saxophone in the Broadmoor Big Band in 1930. He is in the front row, far left. He played in many iterations of the Broadmoor Orchestra from 1930-1933 during his time as a college student at Colorado College. After graduation, he even traveled to Chicago, hoping to make it big. He missed my grandmother so much that he had to return. Instead of swooning at his love-sick return, she met him with scorn that he didn’t pursue his dream and become a famous musician. What can I say? Haney women are hard to please! Just ask my husband! In any case, there are many other family stories in and around the Broadmoor Hotel, and I am thrilled to be adding to the layers.

From July 5-7, a group of 17 talented and fun artists will descend upon the grounds at the storied 5-star Broadmoor Hotel. We will paint all day both days, and we will be able to paint at Fish Camp, Cloud Camp, Seven Falls, Emerald Valley, etc. We are also thinking of extending this to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Please contact the Broadmoor Hotel for details.

Don Haney is one of the key members of Johnny Metzler’s Broadmoor Hotel orchestra in CC News The Tiger

1933 Orchestra Members, Donald Haney second from right



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