New Works for a New West… in a New Gallery!

“Full Bore” 48″x35.5″

I am very excited to announce my new gallery representation in Steamboat Springs. Located between 8th and 9th on Lincoln Ave, this historic building now has new life. Jace Romick, the gallery owner truly embodies the spirit of Steamboat. With a successful career on the US Ski Team, he is part of our skiing heritage. His family, solid members of the agricultural tradition in the Yampa Valley, led him to a life in the rodeo.

“Spring Debut” 24″x48″

As I continue in my career as a painter in Northwest Colorado, I am constantly dancing between these traditions. Life in the New West requires an appreciation for tradition while constantly looking towards the future. Using the classical approach, I apply the tools that have been tried and tested through the centuries: patterns of light and dark, color harmonies, and techniques to create illusions of space. However, I find the modern approach to lend the freedom I need to express the intuitive sense of place: color fields, expressive mark layering, and textures that unite the painted surface. I honor the infinite Beauty of this land, while striving to lend a relevant voice in these modern times.  

“Stillness” 36″x36″

The R-Diamond Gallery is a perfect place to display my new large works. It embraces the fact that change can be positive, and it also respects and admires the history that got us here.

“Alpine Garden” 48″x60″






I hope you can stop in to see my new work. 

For purchase inquiries, please contact:

Ashlyn Posiak, Gallery Director

R-Diamond/Jace Romick Gallery

837 Lincoln Ave
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487


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