Postcard from the Big Apple

Click here to read the complete article in the Steamboat Pilot, “Familiar Faces Support Steamboat Artist Chula Beauregard at her New York Debut”

Day One was a perfect New York Day! We had an excellent visit to the Metropolitan Museum and the special exhibit “In Praise of Painting; the Dutch Masterpieces.” That was followed by a walk through Central Park, followed by a Broadway Show! Pinch me I’m dreaming! Come From Away was incredible and we even met one of the leads! It was all topped off by a wonderful meal with Steamboat friends, Kathy Cline and Carl Steidtmann at a little French bistro.

Day Two brought us back to the Met Museum, and we walked around the city with my Peace Corps friend, Dan Adkison. We saved up our energy a bit (took a taxi for one leg of our journey) for the big Opening Night at the Salmagundi Club. The show was filled with beautiful art. We even had our own Steamboat contingent, with Tina Weintraub (a NYC/Steamboat resident), Carl and Kathy, and Lindsey Dettman (not pictured). It was such an honor to be so supported and among so many talented artists! “Winter Caucus” is still available.

The third day was orchestrated by the American Impressionist Society. We spent the day at the Salmagundi Club, listening to lectures about Impressionism, attending a panel discussion, and watching artist demonstrations. It was very enlightening and inspirational. The entire day was capped off by dinner at the Club dining hall with fellow artists (left to right, Kathie Wheeler, Kami Mendlik, Mary Lynch, Johanna Harmon, Gigi Walker, myself, Jane Hunt).

Our final day was spent in the Crown Jewel of the City, Central Park. The American Impressionist Society organized an all-member Paint Out in the Cherry Hill area of the park. This is right by Central Park Lake and Bow Bridge. It was a beautiful day, and we witnessed both a wedding and an engagement. After the painting, we visited Brooklyn for a great meal with great friends!

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