The Broadmoor Galleries “Wilderness” Show October 4, 2024

The Broadmoor Galleries in Colorado Springs, CO will be hosting a small group show called “Wilderness” on October 4, 2024. I will be showing my latest body of work, along side Dave Santillanes and Kathleen Hudson.

As I create the work for this show, I will be posting it here. If you’d like to receive a paper catalog of the finished collection, please email me:

If you’d like to purchase the work, please contact Jamie Oberhoh at  the Broadmoor Galleries at

Jamie Oberloh



“Blue Sky, Blue River” 18″x14″ $2200 (SOLD)

“Early Riser” 16″x20″ $2700

“Moraine Park” 24″x36″ $6400

“Sanctuary” 24″x30″ $5500

“Gold Rush” 18″x24″ $3400

“Dancing Poppies” 8″x10″ $1000

“Spring Runoff” 8″x10″ $1000

“Early Summer Garden” 11″x14″ $1400

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