The Broadmoor Galleries “Wilderness” Show October 4, 2024

The Broadmoor Galleries in Colorado Springs, CO will be hosting a small group show called “Wilderness” on October 11, 2024. I will be showing my latest body of work, along side Dave Santillanes and Kathleen Hudson.

As I create the work for this show, I will be posting it here. If you’d like to receive a paper catalog of the finished collection, please email me:

If you’d like to purchase the work, please contact Jamie Oberhoh at  the Broadmoor Galleries at

Jamie Oberloh



“Blue Sky, Blue River” 18″x14″

“Early Riser” 16″x20″

“Moraine Park” 24″x36″

“Sanctuary” 24″x30″

“Gold Rush” 18″x24″

“Grandfather” 24″x18″

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