Photo by Chula Beauregard c. 1999Art for Good 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the Postcards (set of 12) and Note Cards (set of 6) goes directly to those in need of assistance in the West African Ebola crisis.

The 5″x7″ Postcard and Note cards are printed in full color. The Postcards are on recycled-matte paper. The Note cards are printed in a Glossy finish. The postcards are designed to fit neatly into a ready-made 5″x7″ frame for an easy gift. The 8″x10″ prints here are archival-quality Giclee Prints on watercolor paper. The proportions of each print may vary, but they will fit in a ready-made 8″x10″ mat or frame without any white border showing.  Due to the time requirements of making and shipping these prints, 20% of the proceeds will go to the West African Ebola crisis. The rest will go to another good cause: a working artist!

Although I was born and raised in the high mountains of Colorado, the time I spent in Gabon, Central Africa shaped who I am. I served in the Peace Corps from 1998-2000, and these are the paintings and drawings I created during my service.

The Ebola outbreak in Africa hits me very close to home.  The villages I see in the news remind me so much of Ndjole, where I spent my two years. To think of my dear friends and neighbors going through the suffering that is happening in West Africa made me ask “what can I do.” Buried in stacks of art, I found this collection, and I decided to make prints. I hope you find joy in this artwork. Even though the news can be disturbing, I think it’s always important to cultivate joy and support positive action. That is why 100% of the proceeds of the sales of the postcards and note cards will go directly to help those in need in the Ebola crisis.