Painting at 12,000 feet

ridgetop crew

At 12,000 feet, the air is clear, the storms move fast, and the views leave nothing to be desired.

At 12,000 feet, the air is clear, the storms move fast, and the views leave nothing to be desired.

First Day small copyHoly Cross small copy View of the Meadow small copyOur family was recently privileged to join a grouHappy Cloud small copyp of wonderful artists and genuine people to the Shrine Mountain Inn. It was perfect for us: High Rockies, less than two hours from Steamboat; incredible painting opportunities; AND we got to bring the kids. There were other rug rats there, and they had a great time together. One afternoon, my husband Cactus and another non-painting spouse, hosted “Fire Camp.” It was essentially what every kid wants – to play with fire. They lit fire, they poked at it with sticks, and they chopped wood to feed the fire.

Meanwhile, we climbed to the top of Shrine Mountain Ridge. The views from this 12,000 foot ridge were breathtaking. The Mount of the Holy Cross was in the distance, yet close enough to see the cross-shaped glacier. Behind us was the dynamic Gore Range. In some ways, it wasn’t easy to choose which amazing view to paint. On the other hand, whatever we chose was incredible, so we couldn’t lose!

Evenings around the well-tended fire were the best part. We all had a chance to share the work we did that day and night before, and the “pop-up” wilderness gallery was incredible. What talent! Sharing stories about events, painting trips, and various elements of the life of a professional painter were delightful and entertaining. Mostly, it was a treat to just be together.

glacier boys Happy Cloud 1 group shot

About Chula Beauregard

Chula Beauregard is an award-winning artist, born and raised in the mountains of Colorado. After graduating cum laude as a Studio Art major from Whitman College, she served for two years in Gabon, Central Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Later, she earned her Master’s in Education to teach Fine Art. In 2008, she began her painting career in her hometown of Steamboat Springs, CO. She often wanders the West with her family of two boys and adventure-loving husband. She is represented by the Wild Horse Gallery (Steamboat Springs, CO), the Cogswell Gallery (Vail, CO), and the Squash Blossom Gallery (Colorado Springs, CO). Learn more at

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